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Careers in Media Communication

Scientific and technical communicator

Prepare clear, concise and professional communication from product developers and scientists to users of the products and audiences such as online help, user manuals, white papers, specifications, infographics and industrial videos.


Write reviews of literary, musical and artistic works, restaurants, movies, television programs and other themes for newspapers, journals, magazines, radio, television and other media. They evaluate theme, expression and technique. 

Foreign editor

Research and write news stories of international importance for newspapers, journals, magazines, radio, television and other media. Decide which news stories are interesting enough to be published.

Courses & Syllabi

This two year 120 ECTS program is structured in four semesters

1st semester (October-February)

  • New Media Culture
  • Media Studies
  • Introduction in Reporting
  • European Communication
  • Fundamentals of Game Studies
  • Elective 1

2nd semester (February-July)

  • Media and the Social Construction of Reality
  • MMOGs and Communication in Virtual Communities
  • Institutional Branding
  • Professional internship
  • Elective 2

3rd semester (October-February)

  • Media Ethics
  • Storytelling
  • British Media Studies
  • Media Representations of Identity
  • Elective 3

4th semester (February-July)

  • Visual Storytelling
  • Practicum
  • Ethics and Academic Integrity
  • Preparation of the Dissertation
  • Professional internship
  • Elective 4

Practicum & Extracurriculars

Our program offers students an opportunity to develop their media communication skills

UBB Radio Online is a student-run radio station for students, founded in 2007.

UBBTV is a TV and video project initiated in 2010 and developed by students under the guidance of specialist teachers.

The StudentPress editorial team highlights the extraordinary people around us and reveals through stories the world we live in.

Fotoclub 50mm is an extracurricular project initiated by students passionate about photography in 2010.

MediaProject is the students’ extracurricular video and multimedia production project.

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